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I need your help!

I am racing for the finish on my now-overdue Bioware Bang fic, tentatively titled “And Maybe Makes Three”.

What do you think is MOST important for a fic you would want to read?

UST! (that's Unresolved Sexual Tension, for the uninitiated)
Fluff! (in this case, baby stuff, as there is a baby)

I need to know so I can stitch this monster together!

I sing in my spare time

 By which I mean "whenever I don't think anyone else is in the room". Here's a Jimmy Eat World song re-done as a lullaby:

I've been told it is more enjoyable than expected.

Not cool!

Urban Outfitters has stolen an independent designer's work and is selling it in their stores without compensation or credit. Please join the boycott of their company -- they also own Anthropologie and Free People!

 And I want to be all upset about it...

...but then my conscience kicks in, since I got them off of Tumblr and can't really talk.

Now I feel like an ass for saying anything in the first place.